Become The Fearless Man

Awaken your Confident Masculinity and Live in your Aligned Leadership
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What's Inside? 

I'm breaking down 5 actionable steps to rise into your confidence, power, leadership and feel like a warrior

  • How to take bold steps in life and become diligent to feel empowered with strength 

  • Enhance your Charisma and feel the "umph" of your Masculinity

  • Learn how to feel alive and seize every opportunity with confidence 

  • Discover how to make decisions that serve you to create the life you want with power 

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Hey I’m Christopher,  your Masculine Coach and Guide for all things spiritual and relationship-focused.

I’m passionate about helping people rise into their powerful mastery.

I’m the founder of Divine Great Spirit, The Path of Enlightenment. I’m a healer, a coach, a therapist and international speake.

I’m also the creator of Conscious Couples, helping people have deeper love and soulful intimacy. 

I am excited to guide you into your fullness and become the person you were always destined to become!  


Masculine Leadership is the Art of awakening of the Inner Warrior. Every Man deserves to be empowered. 

You Ready?

It's time to rise into your Masculine power and claim your life's potential.

Show up in leadership, confidence, decision making and power. 

Unlock the power of your inner champion and create the best life possible. 

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Becoming the most charismatic man in the room made me feel super empowered. I always insecure of how people perceive me, now I feel confident. My decision making has gotten better too. I feel strong and worthy to build the perfect life for me, my wife and children.