We love Biohacking for the Mind, Body,

Heart & Soul. Nourishment is the best kind

of Self Love. 

We love Biohacking for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. Nourishment is the best kind of Self Love. 

Elevating our frequency is a daily practice of gratitude and offering ourselves the best kind of expansion. 

Divine Great Spirit's High Vibe Shop

From our many Biohacking spiritual elements, these are our favorites, and now they can become yours too.  

Sacred Cacao

The Food of the Gods

Ceremonial Grade,  Organic, Clean, Harvested Cacao Beans for Heart Medicine and Sacredness. 

This is the Cacao that we offer in all our ceremonies and retreats. It's 
rich, potent, heart opening, and deliciously divine. 


Conscious Items


The Most Trusted Crystals Store that only work with authentic gemstone. (none of the powder filled crystals) 

From Altar, Jewelry and Lifestyle Crystals. If you ever see us with crystals, they are from here! 


True Dark Glasses

Give your Eyes & Brain THE best

These Glasses block out artificial light (aka junk light) so you can work smarter, sleep deeper, and feel your best. 

This has helped our third eye get stronger and our pineal is clear from all the false rays. We love these glasses. A must for every person. 


 Yoni Crystals

Nourish your Feminity

Premium Quality Yoni eggs & wands for your healing, activation and pleasure. 

Choose the one you resonate with and grow your collection. This is the only place we get Yoni Crystals from because they use authentic gemstones that are eco sourced and are yummy on the body.


Yoni Steam Herbs

Womb Nourishment

Utilize this powerful mix of Organic herbs to change your life. An ancient practice used to improve your cycle, relax & detoxify, and heal your womb.

We love this blend because of the frequency is carries plus, it has a mixture of all the herbs in one place. 


Town of Wonders

Children's Spiritual Book

A Magical Journey of friendship; wonders await on every corner. If you've got children, nieces, nephews or want to gift a child...this is it! 

Nada channeled this book, and it teaches children about the meaning of life with many positive virtues to live by while having fun and enjoying the adventure.

Yes, Im excited to read this

Prana Mat

Acupunture Massage Set

The Power of Prana mat can be felt after just 1 session. Once you experience the relaxation and relief you feel after using a prana mat. You will want to use it everyday.

It's great for all kinds of body pains, and awakening the meridians for heightened energy to flow 

We use this awesome mat 30 mins every week and LOVE the effects.

My Body is Thanking Me

"I love the Pranamat. The tension in my neck is GONE and I feel so much happier every time I use it. It's like it presses all the happy buttons in my body. I love that you recommended this, its a family treasure, we all use it. 


My niece LOVED your book. I gifted it to her for Christmas and she cant put it down. The characters are so cute and the story line is very deep but easy for her to understand, You just simplified spirituality for kids ! Love it.


I bought all the crystals in your store. haha! every one called for me. They are gorgeous and such great quality. I absolutely love them and can feel they are different, the energy in them is super high.


I love my eggs, wands and steam practices ! Changed me as a woman and how I receive life. I know you recommended jade, but I got the Jade, Rose Quartz and Obsidian, Want to always give myself the best.  Im steaming once a week and LOVE how I feel afterwards. These herbs are like MAGIC!