We believe the embodiment of spiritual mastery should be easy and enjoyable and not the other way around.

We believe the embodiment of spiritual mastery should be easy and enjoyable and not the other way around.

We only get one life; let’s make it count. So, we got to work, and created the paths of mastery that we know work well. And now they’re yours. 

The Divine Great Spirit Course Suite

Welcome to your path of Enlightenment (without the matrix rules) where you can sip sacred cacao in your sweats, hang with us, and learn how to elevate into your mastery.

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A sacred pathway that initiates you into your Divine Source Embodiment of Love and Oneness

Completely and Ultimately Heal once and for all all your unworthiness, judgements, doubts and separation emotions and energies. Purify your spiritual and human Ego from victimization and false identities and reclaim your innocence and Divine Nature

Embody God Consciousness and become the holy, whole divine essence of your soul here on Earth.Live in a state of Compassion, Forgiveness, Faith, Love, Oneness and Divine Knowingness.

I'm Ready to Embody my fullness

Light Warrior

Soulful Liberation: Set your Soul Free from the Chains of Darkness

Equip yourself with the knowledge to identify and safely remove curses, entities, alien implants, portals and other dark energies.  Learn the art of soul retrieval to gather fragmented aspects of your being and release binding dark contracts. Empower yourself with the skills to cleanse and protect your energy field, creating a harmonious and spiritually liberated existence


 The Oracle

Unleash Feminine Divinity, The Path to Womb Wellness

Harness the power of the Divine Feminine within, embracing both softness and strength, as you rise to true Feminine Mastery. Explore the sacred depths of your womb and align with your inner wisdom..


Sacred Warrior

Leadership Activation. The Path of Masculine Alignment

Become the leader you were meant to be, aligning your soul's essence with charismatic confidence while harmonizing with your true purpose and embracing the qualities of the Divine Masculine.

ready to lead life

 The Initiation

Break Free: Rise Strong. A journey of Ultimate Empowerment

Shift from victimhood and suppression to empowerment, expression, and mastery. Unlock the universal tools to navigate life with confidence and purpose. Liberate yourself from limitations and step into your true potential with a fulfilled life.

empowerment is my new name


Galactic Awakening: Activate your Cosmic Consciousness

Dive into the cosmic mysteries of the universe and understand both positive and negative races. Activate your galactic DNA, unlocking the ancient wisdom contained within Emerald tablets and Lemurian Scrolls. Tap into the limitless knowledge of cosmic consciousness.

dna activations..here I come

Cosmic Alchemy

Transform your Reality: Subconscious and Quantum Healing Facilitation

Master the art of healing through the subconscious mind and quantum field. Learn  the techniques to facilitate sessions and release deep-seated trauma, resolve karmic patterns, allowing for transformative healing and personal growth. Unlock the power of your mind and the quantum realm to experience  powerful physical, emotional and spiritual well being

teach me how to heal

Psychic Powers

Awaken the Intuitive Within. The Path to Psychic Mastery

Learn to confidently activate your psychic senses. Explore the art of scanning energy, conducting future readings, connecting with spirit guides, and accessing the profound insights within the Akashic records and the Quantum field.

want to become super psychic

Royal Spirit

From Scarcity to Supercharged Abundance

Break free from inherited and subconscious abundance blocks. Discover the secrets to mastering a wealth mindset and harness the essential tools to attract prosperity into your life. Heal, grow, and thrive as you unlock the doors to financial abundance

charging my abundance

"I can listen to you teach for hours. Ive learnt valuable lessons, tools and practices. I feel like a whole new being, thank you for reminding me of my divinity."


Before Light Warrior, I felt trapped in a world I couldn't understand, burdened by dark forces.This program was my breakthrough. It taught me how to break free from the matrix, to clear dark energies that I didn't even know were holding me back. I learned to heal not just on a physical level but multidimensionally. This changed everything from what I was taught is healing. I went from feeling victimized to becoming a sovereign and strong in my own life. I now walk in light and power, fully in control of my spiritual destiny


The Oracle was a life changing experience for me. I have always been quite shy to show my feminine side but after taking this workshop I realized how suppressed I was. I feel WONDERFUL now, and it is WONDERFUL being a woman. How beautiful, how magnificent it truly is. I have learnt to love myself, own myself and nurture myself like a TRUE QUEEN. Thank you Nada for opening my eyes to the infinite. Always & forever grateful.


I can't put into words what Sacred Warrior did for me. Christopher doesn't just teach leadership; he ignites a fire within you. Claiming my voice was like finding a hidden superpower. I'm not afraid to speak up, to lead with vulnerability.The respect and purposeful living part? It hit home. Now, I'm not just coasting through life; I'm steering this ship with purpose, and it's liberating. Sacred Warrior? It's like a shot of espresso for the soul‚ÄĒbold, awakening, and damn, it sticks with you.